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Welcome to MaxSpray International Corporation. We are the leader in electrostatic spraying technology specializing in the food, health, sports, transportation and hospitality industries.
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Who We Are
Our human resources bring over 200+ years of combined research and development experience which gives MaxSpray a huge advantage in the industry…more

What We Offer
Our staff is second to none when it comes to comprehensive training in the use of air-assisted electrostatic sprayers and product knowledge… more

How It Works
Our advanced spraying technology wraps around its targets and covers so totally that it finds even the most hard-to-reach "hidden" target…more

What Clients Are Saying
Leveraging deep technical knowledge and industry expertise, MaxSpray provides our clients with a complete range of services while delivering quality and value they have grown to expect…more

What We Have
Our air-assisted electrostatic sprayers are available as a portable unit for spraying large, open areas; a back pack unit which gives you the ability to move in and out of rooms, around the exterior of houses or buildings; truck and ceiling mounted units; and custom-built spray cabinet units…more

All of our products have been tested with our electrostatic spraying equipment and the applications range from sanitizing, cleaning, odor elimination, getting rid of unwanted insects and beyond…more

Discover the Difference
Let us make living in your world more enjoyable by showing you how our electrostatic sprayers and products can eliminate smoke, food, pet, mold and mildew odors, get rid of annoying insects, and a myriad of other potential applications…more